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Rhinestone jewelry and hair ornaments for festive hairstyles. Decorate your wedding hairstyle with rhinestones or beads and easily find matching jewelry in our online store.

Rhinestone bracelets


    Use of festive jewellery

    On the day of the party, remember to wear your jewellery last, after your make-up and fragrances. That way, the chemicals in the jewellery will not be able to cloud the shine of the jewellery. Here are some tips on how to wear your jewellery for the occasion:

    1. Wear your jewellery last, after make-up and fragrance. This helps to avoid darkening the surface. 
    2. Make sure your jewellery is properly secured so it doesn't fall off or come loose. 
    3. Wear jewellery only during an occasion or party. This will keep them particularly valuable when they are rarely worn.
    4. Make sure that the jewellery is clean and tidy before use. Clean and rinse your jewellery thoroughly before use to keep it looking beautiful and shiny.
    5. Use jewellery with care. Avoid activities such as exercise or sports when wearing jewellery, as it may become damaged or come loose.

    How to store your jewellery

    Jewellery should be stored carefully to keep it beautiful and to ensure it lasts for a long time. Here are some tips for storing your jewellery:

    1. Store your jewellery in separate storage boxes or crates. Keep your jewellery in separate boxes or jewellery cases to protect them from dust and bumps.

    2. Clean your jewellery gently but carefully before storing it. This will help remove debris and cosmetic residues that can damage the surface of the jewellery.

    3. Store your jewellery in a dry place. Moisture will cause darkening and other damage to the jewellery.

    4. Avoid storing jewellery in light. Sunlight can discolour and fade jewellery.

    5. Store jewellery separately from each other. Storing jewellery together can cause scratches and damage.

    Also remember that some jewellery, such as silver jewellery, needs special care. Silver jewellery should be cleaned regularly and stored in a special silver or enamel cleaning solution to keep it looking beautiful.