Description: Surgical steel as a material

Is surgical steel a good material?

Surgical steel is a popular material for jewellery because it is durable and lasts a lifetime. The steel itself does not wear in use, but the coatings on it, such as gold plating (14K or 18K) or other metallic coatings, can wear over time. The amount of wear and tear is influenced by the way the jewellery is worn and the PH of the wearer's skin, which is individual.

The durability of gold plating and other coatings varies; they generally hold up well to wear, but are not as long-lasting as the surgical steel itself. In particular, copper coatings can wear more quickly than steel coatings. Surgical steel can also be safely used in the shower or sauna, which makes it more comfortable to use. However, to prevent wear and tear and to ensure the longevity of your jewellery, it is important to be aware of your own usage habits and skin characteristics.