Clip-on and magnetic earrings


    The clip-on and magnetic earrings category in the online store offers a diverse selection of earrings for those without ear holes or who do not want to wear pierced earrings. Clip-on and magnetic earrings are the perfect solution for children, teenagers, adults and men who are looking for easy to wear and safe earrings.

    Children's clip-on earrings are a great choice for the little ones in the family who are not yet ready for ear piercing. In our range you'll find fun and colourful designs that will suit children's playful style and delight them.

    Men's magnetic earrings are a stylish and practical option for men who want to decorate their ears without having them pierced. Magnetic earrings are held in place by magnets on either side of the earlobe and can easily be used to create a bold and personal look.

    Nickel-free is a key feature of our clip-on and magnetic earring range. All our earrings are nickel-free, so you can be sure they are suitable for sensitive ears and allergy sufferers. Safety and quality are important to us, which is why we invest in high-quality materials and manufacturing processes.

    In addition, we offer an optional service for our hooked dangling earrings, where a clip-on mechanism is substituted for the hook. This allows you to enjoy your favourite earrings without ear piercing.

    Check out the clip-on and magnetic earrings category on and find a wide range of designs, colours and styles for children, teenagers, adults and men. Our range of nickel-free earrings guarantees a safe and comfortable wearing experience.