Men's clip-ons


    Men's clip-ons

    The clip earrings are the solution to the problem when the ear leaf has not been pierced. For many different reasons, many men do not have or do not yet have a hole in the ear. The clip ear is a solution for this because it does not need a hole in the ear. The jewelry is attached to the ear leaf and the clamping force keeps the jewelry in the ear. The earrings do not see whether it is going through or not.

    No earrings are the perfect option for those who have not yet taken a hole in the ear leaf, but want to try what the earrings look like in the ear.

    A wide selection of clip-ons for a man

    Clip earrings and magnetic earrings complete your outfit. They are the perfect help for theme dressing. When the theme party comes and get dressed in a particular decade, the clip earrings will certainly help as a whole.

    The earrings are easy to put and remove. If you use clip earrings for a longer period of time and they start to press the ear leaf, silicone pads are sold in the clip earrings. Clips' silicone cushion is a popular add -on for earrings.

    In the online store you will surely find the perfect clip earrings for your own style and purpose. Clip earrings can be found small and graceful as well as big and spectacular. There is a wide range of earrings.

    Men's magnet earrings

    In addition to clip earrings, a very popular earring for men is a magnet -attached earrings. Magnet is, as its name implies, an earring, which is attached to the earlobe with magnets. There are magnets in front and back of the ear leaf, whereby their compression is kept in the ear. The compression force cannot be too hard so that the magnetic earrings do not generate too much compression, ie pain in the ear leaf.