Cross pendants


    Cross is the most popular pendants for a man

    Here you will find all the necklaces with a cross. Both cross pendants and prayer strips are a classic product in men's fashion. Although the cross is a religious symbol, so many consider the cross as an accessory to finish the outfit.

    The cross has become known as a symbol of Christianity and has been used for thousands of years. Once upon a time, the cross was obtained on Confirmation Day and this practice is still continued today. For many, the only cross around the neck is just this ripple. Cross necklace is the most popular confirmation gift and is nowadays and a sign of faith, but also a fashion symbol.

    The cross is a popular men's pendant and a steel small pendant is a sure choice for a man and a boy.

    Necklace material

    Cross necklaces are of many different materials, but by far the most popular is the price of a high quality surgical steel. Steel 316L is a strong and lifelong material. It is carefree - you can go to the shower and sauna without fear that the material would wear out.

    The cross is also found in the leather ribbon and cotton tape. Coated alloy metals are also popular for a cheaper price.