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    Once you learn to use rings you can't be without them anymore. Our selection includes alternating eg. spectacular women's rings, children's rings, men's steel rings. Steel rings are a popular material on the rings. It is much harder than silver, so in thin models it does not lose shape as the silver ring does. Also, it does not change its color but stays in the color of the steel.

    How to choose the right size ring?

    The ring should be tight, but still loose enough to be easily removed. We use a rounded inner diameter for rings. If you have a suitable ring, you can easily measure the inside diameter with a ruler. Remember, however, wide rings may require a size larger than thin rings. Rings that are curved on the inside often fit better than flat ones, so a smaller size may be sufficient.

    Measuring the ring size from the finger

    When measuring the diameter of your finger, it is a good idea to measure it to the width of the ring. You can use a string or a paper-cut gauge or order a free one from our online shop. ring gauge. Remember, however, that the ring must go over the joint. 

    Preferably take the measurement a few times during the day. During the day and evening, fingers are often a little swollen, so we recommend that you always measure in the evening. Hands should be at normal temperature, especially avoid measuring cold fingers. Please note this especially in winter. In the morning, fingers are rested and usually at their thinnest. 

    Full table

    ⌀ mm
    US #
    15 15,70 mm 5
    16 16,51 mm 6
    17 17,32 mm 7
    18 18,14 mm 8
    19 18,95 mm 9
    20 19,76 mm 10
    21 20,57 mm 11
    22 21,39 mm 12
    23 22,20 mm 13
    24 23,01 mm 14 

    Ring diameter | Ninja.fi

    Changing the ring size

    We always recommend that you measure your ring carefully before ordering to avoid unnecessary returns. Rings have a 14-day right of return under the Consumer Protection Act. If you wish to change the size of your ring, please log in to your customer account (account.ninja.fi) to make a return and place a new order for the size you want. This way your order will be shipped immediately and you will be sure to get the size you want. Read more about customer returns here.