Men's pendants


    Men's pendants

    The necklace gives an individual vision to the man. Instead of a traditional chain, different pendants communicate something about the user or just look more unique in a man's neck. The pendant often descends elegantly between the man's breasts, emphasizing the athletic body.

    Traditional pendants for a man are certainly a contradiction, tag tags, a tribal pendant and a variety of tile bundles.

    Chain or ribbon for pendant?

    There are any chains and ribbons for different pendants. All the pendants we sell are ready in the chain or tape. But often the customer buys another different chain or ribbon. It is also often seen that the customer has their own pendant that needs some kind of chain or ribbon or both.

    The steel chain is a really strong and lifelong material. On the other hand, the advantage of leather, cotton cord or artificial fiber ribbon is a softer appearance. Often, some pendants also require more soft ribbon in style.